The Eternal Flame Gathering

A healing journey to your inner flame

The eternal flame is a 7 hours journey, where we hold space for humans to connect with their own internal fire and to truly experience the sacred healing it has to offer.

Gathering as a tribe, in a safe and energetic environment, we are focusing on the fire element, to bring you into the present moment and to connect with your eternal flame.

Opening up yourself in a deep state of natural trance, to embrace the emotions arising inside and to release them in a pure celebration of unity.

Opening the fire portal

We welcome you to the flames !

On arrival there will be a bonfire, the eternal flame, which is lit the night before opening the space. It will burn for the hole time of the gathering and is symbolice to the never ending cicle of life and the eternal flame within.

Gathering around the eternal flame, we welcome you and introduce you to the evening. This is the time to connect to each other and the journey ahead of us.

We will invite you to go within and find a intention for the night. With this intention, you can go and collect a natural burning piece from mother earth. This could be a leafe, a stick or whatever you feel connected to.

This piece will stay with you thoughout the journey, to absorbe your intention and give meaning to the burning of it. Later in the evening there is time to give the object, and with that your intention, back to the eternal flame, to find release and acceptance of what it is, that you feel.

Starting our journey

After some time for yourself to connect to your intention and the piece you have collected with it, we will gather again around the eternal flame, where the fire mediums* will be waiting blindfolded for you to enter the cicle.

We invite you to drink the ceremonial cacao with us, whilst painting the fire mediums to create a connection with them and in that, to the flames they will spin around you, for us all to find a place of pure grounded love and acceptance.

The fire ceremony

Now is the time to sit down in a circle and to start going within. Just as the sun sets, the fire mediums will take of their blindfolds for a moment of connection, to then blindfold you and lead you towards your journey, to your inner flame.

The suttle tribal music and a guiding voice will bring you towards a natural trance, in which you can truly rise into the sound of the fire around you. Truly trusting yourself and knowing you are guided and safe in this life and what it has to offer. Finding your own inner flame and the love and passion it burns with. Becoming the flame itself and feeling the sobering and grounding energy of the never ending cicle of life.

Unleashing your inner flame

From this experience you will be guided back towards the physical reality. Unfolding our blinds together, to see the world with an open heart and clear mind.

Leading into a tribal dance celebration to embrace what you have found within, to set yourself free and be the pure beautiful light creature you are, reborn through the flames this night.

In your own time, you can now give your natural object back to the eternal flame and with that, set your intention free and let it fall back into the beautiful cicle of eternal life. Becoming one in the present.

Nothing was, nothing will be.
Everything is.

How deep do you allow yourself to rise?

Closing the cycle

We will close the cycle together with a short sound meditation, to deepen the experience and to bring closure to the inner process.

This flame you found inside will ever burn and it is part of you, every day in life. Manifesting it in your life will allow you to find strengh within yourself.

Carry it into the world and always remind yourself how bright and warm it shines inside. Keeping you safe and assisting you on your path.