Imadama By Kulam Project

“I had the beautiful opportunity to be part of Coraçao de Cacau in Portugal with the amazing Kulam Project. They were incredible playing music and they were unstoppable for more than 3 hours. I recommend this group, beautiful voices, good music well connected to the Pachamama. Thank you for the good time sharing love with all.”

“Thank you for the beautiful ceremony and concert in Arrabida Portugal. It was magical! I don’t remember dancing this much ever! Thank you for this journey. ❤️ “

“In PACHAMAMA spirit gathering spain there was So much looooove and magic!! Thank you for creating a home for us to express our authentic selves xxx”

“music to literally lose your mind too. such an ecstatic, yet grounding experience. SO much thanks for spreading this magic ! “

“Kulam Project is an experience for everyone. There are things you can only understand when you experience them. It touches your soul, it heals you, it stays in your body and it will ressonate in your memory for as long as you are alive! just join in and live it! ♡♡♡♡♡ “

“An amazing welcoming atmosphere, beautiful people, very interesting workshops, top-level facilitators, amazing live music, alcohol and drugs free, safe space to be! Thank you so so much for everything we experienced together. A life-changing experience with Kulam Project!”

“The most amazing journey through music and energy and souls’ connection with heal and medicine songs.
So glad to share those moments with them ❤
With the heart full of love!
❤🌳🙏🌳❤ “

“Magic happens when you follow your heart and Kulam is a perfect example of that. Amazing project made by amazing people. My love and respect towards Nir and his beautiful family” 

“Best ecstatic dance I’ve participated yet. Stunning vibes, brilliant live jamming with some artist that have met only few hours before the event started…I will be following and joining you guys soon xx “

“Wow wow wow! If ever you get the chance you must go to an event with the Kulam Project. I first had the pleasure of their musical magicness in Koh Phangan and yesterday had the joy of being with them in London. They effortlessly create a magical space with their beautiful music and sounds where you feel alive, free, light, love, community and just pure joy! I hope our paths cross again 🙏🏼💛 “

“THANK YOU for creating this project, it has been an enriching, clarifying and full experience for me, full of Love and Hope to create a new world possible and full of Life. I lack the words to thank, but the feeling overflows me 😍😍😍 INFINITE THANKS ❤️❤️❤️”

“When I see somebody following their heart I have a general tendency of supporting and trusting. When that heart is bringing music, art and creativity, I want to be part of it and cocreate. When that heart is open and contributing to open more hearts my heart opens a bit more. When, on top of all that, is aimed to reconnection with Lover Earth I jump fully in. Congratulations For a creative, joyfull and heart&soul openning event! “

“Incredibly heartful people with so many talents and feeling for the vibe – I absolutely recommend to enjoy any of their journeys they offer to you!”

Not only an amazing transformative experience, but also the project which our world needs to become the one we want…
Looking forward to join U again!!! ❤️✨🙏

“Amazing event in Spain! Thank you So much love, connection, ceremony, release, transformation and beauty. Great balance between workshops and sublime music created by wonderful gifted souls”

“It was utmost joy to collaborate with Nir and Romina from Kulam Project! Those guys are real visionaries and lightbringers for this world. They plant seeds in everybody’s heart so we remember who we really are and blossom into the highest and most authentic version of ourselves! Thank you for making this journey so fun and full of goodness! Wishing you to touch many hearts around this beautiful planet! “

❤ Loving you!!!

“The Kulam project events I experienced in Koh Phangan were certainly among the very best of the highlights of my several months spent on the Island. They sing and play and hold space from a place of true connection, love and spirit. Check them out, amazing stuff! I left feeling so full of light and joy and refreshed with inter-connectivity to nature and all those who shared in the dance and ceremony.”

Sandesh Pion – International Ecstatic DJ, Founder of ecstatic scene in Koh Phangan : ” “BEST BEST BEST….. no other words to describe it!!… full support , respect and of course…. tons of LOVE.
Amazing project with enormous potential to grow and expand!!… An incredible live musical journey to be experienced!!.. thanks so much, full
support and respect!!”

“By far the best dance and sound journey I experienced in Koh Phangan. If there was one Word to describe the journey, it is Sacred Flow. A divine alchemy of sounds, musicians playing instruments from all corners of the Earth. As a dancer, I felt an exquisite connection with the musicians and could drop into altared states of consciousness, bliss, ecstasy, contemplation, meditation. Feeling crawling in the jungle or animated streets of Latino America. I was Our Tribe, the Earth Tribe, it is sacred. Thank you, love n blessings “

“Wow !Speechless ! So much fun and heart opening ! One of the best event in my life ! Just loved it ! The music and vibes took me to the sky of joy !🔥🔥🔥🔥💖💖💖💖💖 “

“Special flavor of celebration and heart space! A Fun Fusion Healing Journey! Highly recommend! “

Pablo Gascon @Yogabeatsproject : “Kulam project is a perfect music therapy where participants can inmerse themselves into an exploration of the body, mind and physical through a live music experience. Its unique as well as spontaneous which it makes it really powerful.
A experience not to be missed”

“Felt like interaction between people playing music and us who were dancing, everybody on the same level. We encouraged each other to improvise. Very heartwarming concept”

” Making beautiful music . . each gig is a new exploration (always in the company of some very talented and wonderful musicians) into the depths and heights of the unknown. Wonderful vocals from Nir and Romi using their voices as instruments to add to the mix. Exciting use of effects on instruments and voices make the music soar. “

” An amazing experience of music, movement, ceremony and joy! “

” Incredible artists bringing a very unique and powerful musical offering. Grateful to have been blessed up with their sounds 🙏🏻 “

” Thank you KULAM- amazing people , It felt like a sacred dancing journey filled with good energy, love and amazing sounds and beat.
🙏🏼💜 “

” Wow , you guys are amazing , been to so many ecstatic and live jams – but this one which combines the two – was by far the most mind blowing and heart expanding of them all , had to share it !
– thank you so much 🙏🏽 “

“I did the ecstatic dance with live music from Kulam project twice, and it was absolutely amazing! So much energy! Go check it out! “

” Dear Kulam project, it has been such a pleasure to listen and to dance to your music, and to feel the presence and totality you bring with you. Very special and deep experience. 💛 “

“Wonderful Project. One of my favourite come togethers I experienced on the island Koh Phangan.
Thanks for shining beautiful people! “

“kulam Is like intuitive expression of nature
it is the message it shares with us “

“Kulam Project creates transformative experiences through meditation, magical live music concerts, dance, cacao ceremonies and sound healing. It’s been a blessing to witness and be involved in the growth of this manifestation. I’m grateful to have experienced the significant impact this transformative journey has had on me and feeling deeply connected with others and Pachamama. I’m excited to see this spread and grow around the world!!! “

Bonnie Stewart, Ceremony facilitator and musician : “KULAM …. True to their name, embracing Everyone, drawing us all into a shared experience that flows according to the energy of the whole. A journey into the heart of timeless bliss 💖🙏”

Kaifi lraclis, Osho Facilitator, From the founders of OshoAfoz Greece: “Kulam project is an evolution on transmitting Love! “

“Great music, great vibes and the best ecstatic dance I ever had… Full power!!! “

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Some smart phone videos of participants:

recorded at Pachamama 2 by Pablo gascon
Recorded at Pachamama 1 by Emlie Bramly

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