Pure Celebration of mother earth

We all love the planet we live on, honoring mother earth just for being is a basic primitive gratitude. We found a way to bring awerness and love to nature with music, singing and dancing with intention to heal ourselves and to heal the planet.

Pachamama spirit – A transforming journey, from 1 day event to 4 days gathering, Cacao Ceremonies, Elements Ceremonies, Singing Circles, Connective Workshops and LOTS of LIVE channeled music for dance and experience- All music is being created live by amazing musical orchestra, playing native music with earthly vibe in the NOW.

During Pachamama Facilitators guide the journey, first we have the Cacao facilitator, then movement before dance, then landing faclitator.

Its a Journey that amplify the animal inside of us, more authentic and natural state of being, with no drugs or alcohol – just Cacao. Many participants describe a free sense of being, free spirit and total surrender to the music and movement of the whole.

In Pachamama there is also a hand made Market, Chill out zone and kidz zone.

In Spain we have produced our first 4 days profound Pachamama spirit gathering with earth related, native dance, theta healing and many more inspiring workshops.

PACHAMAMA journey is a traveling Concept, and we are now planning journeys like these around the world.